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What is "Crediquette"?

Crediquette translates to Cred-Etiquette, and refers to the social norms and practices a community adheres to when flowing Cred around to specific contributions.

Crediquette is an important part of using the SourceCred technology in any community. It helps prevent unintentional gaming, makes intentional gaming easier to call out, helps solidify a community's perspective of value, and makes for more accurate Cred Scores overall.

Every community using SourceCred will have their own understanding and practices around Crediquette based on their values and how they set up their instance weights.

The information below is specifically about the internal community creating SourceCred, and the weights/practices unique to our instance.

Flowing Cred in Our Community

Choosing to flow Cred is all about signaling your opinion of the work that's being done in the community. When you flow Cred to a contribution, you're communicating that you think it was valuable to the wellness of our community or the improvement of our product.

So what is value? We practice that: Value = Quality + Impact.

When you're weighing how valuable you think a contribution is, ask yourself:

Flow Cred to signal your opinion of what work had a direct and palpable impact on the growth and health of our community and improvement of our product.